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This is a personal sub-blog / companion blog to compliment (go with) my primary personal homepage NUI.NZ. I had decided to split out general interest / life snippets from NUI.NZ to a separate mini-blog.

KAHA is where I occasionally (infrequently) post various items, including general thoughts, opinions, observations, notifications and what not.  It is in effect my Social Media Profile surrogate. As explained in my Facebook Notice, have elected to go down the route of building my own personal homepage as a key means of keeping in contact with friends and family both at home and abroad (as opposed to using Facebook for this purpose).

If you need to get a hold of me urgently or at short notice, please either call me or text me, my number is on my about page as I may not receive any instant messages until the evening.

“Kaha” is a Te Reo Māori word for “Strength”

Kia kaha!

Fergus Young

About / Welcome

QUIC Protocol is not Quick, More like Quack

ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR is the new bane of my web life at the moment. Is this Alphabet (a.k.a Google) Inc’s New attempt to take over the Internet, much in the same way they are trying to do with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

If you’re visiting my website and galleries using Chrome and are seeing random missing images, please disable Experimental QUIC protocol (found under chrome://flags ) by following the instructions at Appuals.

I’m not a web developer by trade, this site isn’t commercial nor part of any business activity, therefore I can’t be shafted wasting too much time trying to figure out what is wrong. Already spent too much time on it as it is.

QUIC Protocol is not Quick, More like Quack

Hell Freezes Over – Confession time

Don’t quite know what to make of this but it would appear that Economic and Financial Fundamentals don’t seem to count for much in the current economic environment. The market, I feel, may have been heavily distorted due to excess liquidity in the Global Financial system…  As explained in a prior article, the Global Financial system has long since stopped making any sort of sense to me and have to confess that all I see is perhaps the biggest Global Liquidity bubble to ever grace this planet.

As a slight aside, but perhaps still related… I have a confession to make, I’ve since thrown my toys out of the cot (Went against personal moral imperatives) and earlier this year took a position in NYSE:FB and have sinced added to it a few days ago. To be direct, this position is mostly owing to an observation of what I perceive an unnerving spreading uptake of various addictions and a steady diet of Bread and Circuses, I’ve given away hope for the time being that us common folk as a collective will collectively wake up to see what the heck we are doing to ourselves over the longer term as we cede more and more power increasingly away from ourselves to an ever smaller number of people (Power elites as it were). Sorry for the conspiracy like prose, but I couldn’t find any other way to word it.

As for the Global Asset bubbles, this whole speculation in things  (Bitcoin, Housing) frankly has been a rather bewilderingly and perplexing thing I’ve just never understood about the human species. Why bother starting up a business in this environment?  Why bother investing in productive businesses? Enterprise no longer seems to be rewarded as much, rampant speculation is. Why bother working some might understandably think… Just keep borrowing and buying houses, re-mortgage to release equity for a deposit, rinse and repeat? The Value of work I feel has been eroded… Who the heck cares about productive versus non-productive assets… Eh? Continue reading “Hell Freezes Over – Confession time”

Hell Freezes Over – Confession time

Karamatura Valley and Mount Donald Mclean

Trip notes for the Karamatura Valley and Mount Donald Mclean trail, a regular solo short to medium walk I regularly do. This will perhaps be my first attempt at documenting a trail in some sort of detail in a format inspired predominantly by MotoWalk NZ

In summary, A trek up through Fletcher Track up to Mount Donald Mclean and back via Karamutura Valley.

Looking down to Whatipu from Mount Donald Mclean Lookout (Click to Access Gallery)

Expect around 5 hours at a gentle pace, including 30-40 minutes for a lunch stop at Mount Donald McLean and a 30-40 minute Swimming stop at the Base of Karamatura Falls (Actual walking time, about 3½ to 4 hours) Continue reading “Karamatura Valley and Mount Donald Mclean”

Karamatura Valley and Mount Donald Mclean

Car Rental Relocations

Occasionally I will take advantage of Rental Relocation deals to usually to do a road trip after a key event concludes (be it, after a hike or after a work trip) to explore an area that is new to me.

Kapiti Island from State Highway 1

After attending the Outdoor Training NZ AGM in Wellington in the weekend just past, A JUCY Condo Camper van was lined up in order to go back to Auckland, where we took turns driving it back to Auckland. It was perhaps my first time experiencing driving a Van and a Camper.

About the “JUCY” Campervan itself. Main points…

  • A pleasant and friendly lady at the Wellington JUCY branch showed us around the vehicle, how to operate the various functions and provided instructions for return.
  • The JUCY “Condo” camper we got was in a good state of repair, very clean and tidy
  • A Freshly cleaned set of Blankets and duvet supplied as well as towels for 4 occupants.
  • All Cutterly, Bowls, Plates and Cups have been supplied
  • The Vehicle included two LPG hobs including Pots, Pans and a kettle.
  • A Chemical toilet was included.
  • I did find the Vehicle to be quite thirsty, drinking about 12-13 litres of petrol every 100km at Highway speeds.
  • The Vehicle only had a 2.0 litre naturally aspirated petrol motor and given the size envelope and weight of the vehicle, it naturally struggled with hills, while noticeably labouring at 100km/h on the flat. Be prepared to pull over frequently to allow other traffic to pass on hilly sections.
  • Noticed the Camper was perhaps a little more tiring to drive than a regular rental car. (e.g. in comparison with a Toyota Corolla Hatch)

General observations about renting a car (not necessarily confined to Relocation deals)…

It is in my feeling that you really need at least 48 hours to make the Car rental relocation journey a worthwhile undertaking, otherwise it could all just driving point to point with little time to actually stop off on the way to look at things.

Many Excess reduction insurance options offered by many rental car companies excludes the likes…

  • Under Body and Overhead damage.
  • Hail damage
  • Tires / Punctures.
  • Windscreens
  • You may still be levied with a claim fee of about $75 even if you took up the $0 excess option.

Most standard Holidays parks charge per person in terms of Camping, not per site, bear that in mind when looking around for places to stay. Cabins and motel units at the same Holiday parks are usually advertised at the Twin rate.

If you have a self contained Camper van, it may be prudent financially to take advantage of that and Freedom Camp where ever possible and as long as it is legal to do so.

Car Rental Relocations

Ranger says No

Relatively short Multiday Trip to Tama Lakes, Waihohonu Hut and Oturere hut and back out to Desert Road. Was going to go around to Mangetepopo Hut and complete the Northern Circuit though an updated 11:00 a.m. Weather report upon reaching Oturere Hut, the Ranger advised us not to proceed due to dangerously high wind gusts.

Click photo below to access the gallery…

Mount Ruapehu

Hut Rangers, Doug and Horse, who we met on the trail, were fantastic.

A dip in the Springs near Waihohonu Hut provided some much needed refresh and temporarily removed the pain of my Left foot.

Ranger says No

Diwali + Blossoms Assorted photos

Random Assortment of pictures from the Diwali Festival and some blossoms at Cornwall Park. Click image below to access photos…

Resene Sponsored Diwali sign

The Diwali Auckland Festival this year was perhaps sightly smaller than in years preceding, though I thought was still certainly worth a visit.

Ended up walking into the Equippers worship service by accident, thinking it was part of the festival.

Diwali + Blossoms Assorted photos

Road Trip Awhitu Lighthouse

An afternoon Roadtrip explore up to Awhitu Lighthouse. Click picture below to access the gallery on NUI.NZ

Awhitu Lighthouse

Rebuilt in 2006 using the original plans from 1874. Official site: Manukau Heads Light House

The Road up to the Lighthouse becomes very windy half way up the Awhitu Peninsula. Beware new speed camera about 400m out (north along Awhitu Road) from Waiuku.

It was observed that a seemingly substantial percentage of the real estate was being marketed for sale, particularly the further north you went (e.g Big Bay). However the reason why this was the case remains unknown.

Road Trip Awhitu Lighthouse

Mount Taupiri + Pukemokemoke Reserve

Short walks this afternoon to Mount Taupiri and Pukemokemoke, click picture below to access the photo gallery at NUI.NZ.

Kauri Trees at Pukemokemoke Reserve

The Taupiri Mountain Bushwalk was approved for by Maori Elder, Turnate Mahuta, and cared for by Local residents along with the Taupiri Young Farmers Club. Pukemokemoke Reserve is under the care of the David Johnstone Pukemokemoke Bush Trust in conjuction with Friends of the Pukemokemoke.

Both Bush Walks (to the summits and return) are about 1-2 hours each.

Elevation gain for Taupiri Mountain is approximately 270 while the elevation gain for Pukemokemoke is approximately 150.

Detail indepth description about the Pukemokemoke reserve is available on MotoWalk Pukemokmoke page

Mount Taupiri + Pukemokemoke Reserve

Future Website Plans

Over the next month or two, I’m planning (where I have time) to go back through past posts and photo albums and tidying a few things up. Namely…

  • Finish captioning as many un-captioned photos as I can.
  • Writing up more detailed Trip reports to go with the Photo Albums (where I can, particularly with those to do with Hiking).

While originally the intent of this homepage was purely set up as a means of keeping in contact with friends and loved ones (in preference to relying on Facebook), the reason for the Tidy up planning came about while I was trying to search for some new possible hiking trips to do and then ending up back at my own homepage.

It appears some of the pages have been ranking a little higher in search results than they have in the past and this corresponds with a noticeable uptick in general visitation arriving from various search engines, combined with an increase in the general email inquiries about various trips and what not.

I’m thinking some people will no doubt be landing on my website (expecting to find more information about a given hike or place), seeing a photo and going… “Where the Flip is this? Where is this landmark / building? Where’s the Information?!” Potentially frustrating casual visitors in the process.

All that said, the intent of this website was to be a personal homepage (to keep in contact with loved ones and friends) and I never really envisioned it being anything more than that. I don’t at present have any plans as such of turning this into any sort of  travel blog with any intention to monetize or paste it over with adverts, at least not yet anyway. (Website is currently funded solely through my own personal funds)