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This is a personal blog to compliment (go with) my primary personal homepage and personal photo gallery NUI.NZ.

This site, KAHA, was originally a Forum for family / friends to act as an alternative to using Facebook, however never achieved adoption and was subsequently repurposed into a personal general blog that it is today.

KAHA is where I occasionally post various items, including general thoughts, opinions, observations, notifications and what not.  It is in effect my Social Media Profile surrogate. As explained in my Facebook Notice, have elected to instead go down the route of building my own personal web presence as a key means of keeping in contact with friends and family both at home and abroad as opposed to relying on commercialized and centralized proprietary social media platforms.

If you need to get a hold of me urgently or at short notice, please either call me or text me. Other contact details are available on my about page.

“Kaha” is a Te Reo Māori word for “Strength”

Kia kaha!

Fergus Young

About / Welcome

Huawei P30 Pro Camera – Hybrid zoom

Update 13 October 2019 – So took the Huawei P30 Pro and compared it to the Panasonic TZ110 and another quick test…

At x5 zoom…
Native zoom for the P30 Pro’s x5 Camera. To my untrained eye, it is fairly similar enough in detail. The TZ110 may be a touch more natural in detail and colour reproduction.

At x10 zoom…
The P30 Pro doesn’t even hold a candle to the TZ110. There’s no hiding that the Huawei P30 Pro’s image is little more than a digitally blown up version of the x5 image.



Makes a mockery of all the alleged spying fears in the Media regarding the x50 zoom which frankly, is terrible [Link to The Sun Article]. Frankly, a cheap regular super zoom camera I would believe would be more of an issue than the Huawei P30 Pro.


Original Post…

After using the phone mainly as a glorified camera for a few months (Can’t find a decent case for it – still using my S7 Active as my daily driver). The so called “hybrid zoom” I feel may at least be a little overstated by many in the blogosphere.

At the native zooms of 0.6x (16mm equivl. FL), 1x (27mm equivl. FL) and 5x Zoom (135mm equivl. FL), the picture quality is relatively sharp and above average when compared to a small camera with 1/2.3″ sensor. But if you try and take a picture away from either of it’s native focal lengths, the photo quality can drop below of that from a cheap 1/2.3″ camera.

Will try and do a proper investigative test. However, for now a crude grab bag of photos taken at varying focal lengths here. (Ranging from 27mm Equiv FL to 135mm Equiv FL). I think the zoom factors from around 1.5x to 3x zoom are the most woeful in the image quality department, while above x3.5, appears to fair a little better.

For pictures at the usual (27mm equiv. FL), I feel my Samsung S7 Active still takes better photos than my Huawei P30 Pro.

For zoom, the picture quality does not beat my Dedicated Panasonic TZ110 Camera unfortunately. Was hoping that the P30 Pro with all the media fanfare would be an excuse to get rid of the Panasonic, but appears not. May be next year or the year after the hybrid zoom technology may get someway to challenging the likes of the TZ110.

Still longing for a Compact Zoom Camera with a 1″ sensor that is weather and dust proof (Don’t need full water proofing), but it needs to be able to fit in a pocket and be able to handle the environment of a pocket.

Huawei P30 Pro Camera – Hybrid zoom

Auckland Local Body Elections

Admittedly, it’s been difficult to figure out who to put a tick against for the Mayor vote for the Auckland Local Body elections. I’ve spent at least two hours in total reading about and researching all the candidates over the last week.

Some may argue that spending two hours is a total overkill, but admittedly, I do hold Civic responsibility quite seriously, and the fact that we do get to vote as part of a democratic nation is something I consider extremely important.

Resources reviewed and canvassed include…

  • The Voting instruction booklet / Candidate information. Same information is available on the Auckland Council Website. (Just click “+ More search options” then “Show mayoral candidates”)
  • The Spinoff NZ – Local Policy Website
  • Radio NZ – Mayoral Candidate Debates
  • The Candidates own resources, such as their own personal (campaign) website and social media accounts.

So far my research has come up rather inconclusive. The decision made more difficult is the candidate information appears to vary between mediums (i.e Candidate information booklet vs the Candidate’s website).

Auckland Local Body Elections

Flu session really took me out

I’m still recovering from this dry cough / chest infection from a full blown flu earlier last month. Tried to go for a walk today primarily to start the process of getting my fitness back, but my lungs wouldn’t have a bar of it. Coughing fits like crazy as soon as an step up the intensity beyond a flat walk in the park.

Looks like I may have had a relapse last week, which hasn’t helped matters.

Estimate time of recovery is next coming weekend. Then I need to blooming get my fitness back and see how much of it I loss over the month that I have been unwell.

Immune system wise, I seem to able be bash through bushes, get cut up everywhere, be leaking blood out from my limbs without knowing it and never have a problem. But in terms of respiratory ailments, my immune system is rather weak in that regard.

Flu session really took me out

Swazi Apparel to move part of their manufacturing to Thailand

Swazi NZ, Davey Hughes in a YouTube clip has announce they are moving production of their Fleece and Base layer clothing lines from their Levin Factory (here in New Zealand) to Thailand. The technical garments such as raincoats and jackets will still be made in New Zealand.

This in my view represents a not so insignificant change of direction from their original brand values and which they built the brand on.

Swazi Apparel to move part of their manufacturing to Thailand

Carefully packaged and shipped – License code for Office 365 Online

Well packaged for Delivery. Box containing a Microsoft Office 365 box wrapped in Air Pillows. The only important bit was a line of code to activate your Office 365 subscription online.

May be a just a little bit excessive in the packaging…

Of course an argument could most certainly be made that it would have been cheaper and easier to simply E-mail me the code… though obviously packaged like this as a “matter of process” / “Matter of course” and to their credit, it did showed that Noel Leeming takes the effort to ensure goods are packed in a way to minimize the chance of damage during transit.

Carefully packaged and shipped – License code for Office 365 Online

So much Facebook hating but no one wants to do anything tangible about it

I noticed an inundation of Facebook hate articles, posts and general commentary across the wider general internet again. It seems to come in cycles. The most infuriating thing about this, is that few people seem to want to do anything about the state of affairs despite expressing their own disdain for Facebook. Almost everyone is waiting for their friends to move off before they do… this situation presents a sure fire way for Facebook keeping it’s dominance and dare I say, for us to encourage Facebook’s ongoing track record of behaviour.

All I can say is, at least I’ve tried… One sets up alternative services for people to elevate at their request, after setting it up, people find excuses (Some Valid, some perhaps less valid) to not even look at it. As each service fell into disuse, I ended up eventually re-purposing these sites along with the domains they were on for personal use… Continue reading “So much Facebook hating but no one wants to do anything tangible about it”

So much Facebook hating but no one wants to do anything tangible about it