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This is a personal blog to compliment (go with) my primary personal homepage and personal photo gallery NUI.NZ.

This site, KAHA, was originally a Forum for family / friends to act as an alternative to using Facebook, however never achieved adoption and was subsequently repurposed into a personal general blog that it is today.

KAHA is where I occasionally post various items, including general thoughts, opinions, observations, notifications and what not.  It is in effect my Social Media Profile surrogate. As explained in my Facebook Notice, have elected to instead go down the route of building my own personal web presence as a key means of keeping in contact with friends and family both at home and abroad as opposed to relying on commercialized and centralized proprietary social media platforms.

If you need to get a hold of me urgently or at short notice, please either call me or text me or message me via Riot / Matrix. Other contact details are available on my about page.

“Kaha” is a Te Reo Māori word for “Strength”

Kia kaha!

Fergus Young

About / Welcome

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