Stream of Consciousness Week 23rd March 2020

Stream of conciousness and other personal thoughts garnered throughout the week. These thoughts are unrefined, unquantified, unverified, and raw. Any of these may be either be edited, deleted or otherwise spawn out into it’s own separate post…

  • Wouldn’t be surprised to learn that CoViD-19 had spread around the world earlier than what most believe and so far has commonly been reported.
  • Microsoft Cloud skills challenge contest that was held at work upon further inquisition turned to be an almost total farce. Someone gamed the game (outside of what was clearly the intended spirit of the game) and people cried foul. The organizers eventually cracked and the rules of engagement were changed well after the Challenge had commenced and were not even properly communicated. This is perhaps the first time in 17 years of working in the company that I’ve ever sent off an Email internally that could be described in anyway as “heated” (expressing disappointment but composed in the most civil, considerate and respectful way as I could).

Other CoVid-19 thoughts have been rolled up into their own post.


Stream of Consciousness Week 23rd March 2020

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