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As of 2017, I have relented and now have a Facebook account after much escalating “consternation and concern” leveled at me about me not being contactable via Facebook. That said, I don’t use Facebook at all much and have chosen not to install any of it’s corporation’s proprietary apps on my phone.

If you need to get a hold of me at short(er) notice, it’s probably better to either text or email me as there is usually weeks between me logging in to check Facebook messages.

My contact details are on my about page.

If you wish to follow online what I am up to, NUI.NZ is the place you should bookmark as that is my main personal homepage which serves as my primary point of presence on the web and the medium I choose to use as a central means of keeping in contact with Friends and Family both at home and abroad. (with this blog, KAHA, being the sub blog where I tend to place all my facebook-esque stuff). RSS feeds are available if you use an RSS Reader.

If you wish to know my reasons why I have largely held back on using Facebook, you can read about them by click here.

Fergus Young


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