Chat Service at MANA

I have established a publicly accessible experimental Matrix Synapse Chat server instance for evaluation at

This service has been setup with the intention of providing an alternative instant messaging option for people (predominantly Family and Friends, but which the general public is also certainly welcomed to use) to communicate, away from relying on the usual commercial proprietary chat and instant messaging services.

Disclaimer: Feel free to use, test and have a play, but at your own risk. I bare no responsibility nor liability for any loss or otherwise incurred to you through using this service. Definitely refrain from any abuse nor otherwise use this service in anyway that would contravene any laws. Abuse it and lose it.

Below is some instructions to hopefully make it easier for a layman to get started with the service. Assumes the person reading this guide has at least a basic level of computing knowledge / smart phone user experience.

Registration | Logging In | Joining a Room


Registration procedure


Instructions to get connected to the chat server.

  1. Download the RIOT App for your platform here…
  2. Once Installed, Launch the App.
    You will be presented with this Screen…
  3. Tap (or Click) on ‘Register’.
  4. At the following Screen, ‘Tick’ on ‘Use custom server options’Two additional Fields beneath that should them be displayed.
  5. Change ‘Home Server’ from ‘’ to ‘‘ (Without Quotes)…
    Leave ‘Identity Server’ as ‘’
  6. Fill out both desired Username (No Spaces!) and your desired Password and repeat your chosen password in the ‘Repeat Password’ field
  7. Tap (or Click) ‘Register’
  8. At the next screen Optionally Enter in recovery Email and / or phone number and then press ‘Submit’ (you will be required to verify your email before continuing) -OR-
    Otherwise click ‘Skip’ to skip step entirely (these details can be added in later)
  9. If you’ve elected at Step 8 to include a recovery Email, you will need to verify your Email before being able to use the account.

Once that is all complete, you should now automatically be connected and logged in to the MANA.NZ Matrix Synapse home server.


Joining a room


Once inside the App, To join a room or conversation…

  1. To join a room, Tap the ‘+‘ button
  2. Tap ‘Join Room’
  3. Type in and then Tap ‘JOIN’
  4. Upon successfully joining the room, the chat interface should then be displayed to you where you can begin participating in the conversation…

Logging in


If you ever need to log on to your account again..

  1. Make sure you tick on ‘Use custom server options (advanced)’
  2. Enter your username, password, and your Home Server as